Friday, September 23, 2016

Sept 23 - Closed out TWLO, still long WFC, LN

If today was just a shakeout in TWLO, they got me.  I got stopped out after that intraday consolidation pattern failed and also didn't like the weaker volume today.  Would be great to hop back on this one if it either starts blasting up again Monday or we get another consolidation.  Either way, not easy trading anything nevermind IPO's at the high end of its range.  I'll take my 100% return on my Oct 55 calls.

LN is perking up nicely and will def hold this one.  Up 50% here.

WFC not going anywhere but I will give this rope.  As for the overall indexes, today's selling appeared weak but might be better to wait until Monday to see more.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sept 22 - TWLO getting closer to a blow off top, indexes continue to punish shorts

Getting closer to the 75 target and watching volume closely.  If things spike hard, I might sell tomorrow.
 WFC hanging in there
 Not sure about the indexes but small caps and tech have been leading.  It's risk on.
 More consolidation

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sept 21 - FOMC once again punts in scoring position, TWLO blasts off

Closed out VXX puts bought on the dip today but still holding WFC, LN, and big batch of TWLO calls.  In all had a huge day due to TWLO.  The volatility account is now up 20% and the discretionary equities account is down 8% but due to rise.  Also started a 15k experimental account that I will trade aggressively w options in an attempt to segregate risk levels btw accounts after suffering the big drawdown in the discretionary account which was due to overloaded positions in precious metals.

Expecting great things here and this has the potential for 75+.
 Should've sold and repositioned but still a bounce is possible here
 So far so good but wouldn't be surprised to see more churn and ugly movement which is why I pulled the VXX puts.  That said before end of year, I am confident we end up higher than where we are now.
 Not a great breakout, but still holding

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sept 20 - Long LN

Added LN 40 Oct 21 calls @ 4.5

Still in TWLO 55 Oct 21 calls @ 5.0
Also still long WFC, other than these three, I don't have any other horses in play.  May look at VXX puts tomorrow if we get a shakeout but generally I am pretty long and won't be eager to add.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Spet 16 - TWLO might be breaking out

TWLO making a move and cautiously optimistic but we need to see the crazy thrusts on volume.
 MEMP didn't work out and I got stopped out early.  This one cost -6%.  I'll take a look again at 1.35
 NYA making a wedge so possible some movement up at some point next week although the seasonality is terrible.