Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Jun 12 - Sold $GOOG, $AMZN, $MARK, $IGT calls expiring this week, added July $GPS, $AAPL puts and $GLD calls

Lightening up today and yesterday a lot and have some of the holdings as puts.

$FDX getting closer to retesting highs.

$SPY close to 280 which would complete its CD extension.  I am also anticipating a sell the news reaction at FOMC and some settling going into OPEX day.  I added 278/279 put spreads for .6 today

Bought July $AAPL puts.  It is very close to seeing a pullback which is common after hanging out at the upper trendline too long

Beautiful action in $MARK.  Sold Jun calls for a triple and holding July 5 calls

Also bought $AMZN put spreads expiring Friday today for 1.25 for the 1695/ 1697.5 spreads.  I will double my money if we get a close below the orange line at EOD Friday.

Interesting short play on $GPS.  I mainly took early July puts and took a small speculative batch of OTM puts expiring this week.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Jun 10 - More bullishness but when is the pause/ pullback coming? Currently long C, BAC, DAL, JBLU, MARK, IGT, PYBI, FDX

I botched my financials short trade and didn't close them the day after when I was up 70% and ended up taking a 50% hit the next day.  Financials 'may' be ready to break up and out from the triangle but not sure so I only have longer term positions here.  If we do revisit the lower end, I will be very aggressive in going long.

Added new positions Thurs/ Fri in FDX, JBLU, DAL, C, BAC, and some speculative calls for this week in GOOG and AMZN and AAOI.  Unless the GOOG/ AMZN calls start moving on Monday, I may let them go as there might be OPEX pinning.

This needs to start moving pronto.  If the week looks like it will flop around, I will let these go but it's possible there's another move up lurking.

GOOG has a very similar set up to a previous move up.  Move 1 was a sharp one down, move 2 was more of chop and the move 3 was basically a low volume few day pause before ramping up.  For this to work, Monday/ Tues should show this very clearly or it could be more chop or a move down

FDX basically guaranteed to retest highs
 DAL looks great and ready to break up and out
 C is one of the financials that hasn't blasted off yet.  I have a big position here.

 Airlines due for another bounce.  JBLU below and in July calls which I will unload on a spike

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Jun 2 - Waiting for pullback in financials $BAC, $C, $JPM

I raised a lot of cash and sold off a bunch of stuff Friday including $goog calls +200-300% and $C, $BAC, $JPM calls bought on Thurs which were sold for about +75%.

I still have some $HD Jun28 calls and still sitting on $MARK and $UCTT July calls.

Looking for weakness to buy short dated financials expiring in Jun8 or Jun 15.  Also looking at $BA and more $HD.

$UCTT looks good and ready to break out soon.  My calls have plenty of time

$MARK taking a while to cook but also have until July for this to move
 $MARK 2 hr chart is a thing of beauty.

Looking forward weakness in financials to buy weakness via short dated calls
 $JPM, $C, $BAC

Would wait for $NYA and other indexes to show positive divergence before getting aggressively long
 $BA a nice setup if it pulls back a little

Monday, May 28, 2018

May 28 - Setups for this week ANET, AAPL, GOOG, MARK, UCTT, HD

For some reason, looks like some tech names are about to breakout.  I am looking to pick up ANET, AAPL, GOOG, MARK, UCTT, HD.  Maybe as early as Tues.

ANET looks great.  I will pick it up on breakout or retest of lower trend line.

HD looks ready to rip
MARK testing its 3 yr point of control and bottom of wedge
 MARK looks great on 2 hr timeframe
 UCTT amazing
 Not ideal to buy AAPL up here but close to breaking out.  Probably worth biting on Jun calls as potential for 5 bagger
 Same with GOOG

Saturday, May 26, 2018

May 26 - Boring market but some strangely bullish set ups

Sold $RIG may puts for 200% and still holding 2/3 Jun puts.  Sold airlines calls for roughly 20-25% earlier in the week, and sold them too early.  Oh well.  If we pullback on them this week, I'll take another stab as intermediate time frame still looks good.

I'm not excited about much right now.  I do like $HD but wary of the overall market being uncooperative.  $ANET looks good too.  Strangely enough some of the FANG stocks look good like $AAPL and $AMZN.  Even $GOOG looks interesting as plays to break out like $NFLX.

$SPY consolidating and looks good for a move up

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

May 15 - Closed out IWM puts for +120% and picked up DAL and HD Jun calls

I'm going to let the market do its thing this week and probably stay away from new positions until Friday unless something very good pops up.  It could be very choppy and I would love to see a lot of downward chop to set up the next run up.

Currently long DAL, JBLU, AAL, LUV, and HD Jun calls.  Airlines are knocking on the door of reversing.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

May 12 - Some names to watch in case of 1 wk pullback


I will only jump on this $hd if we see consolidation


May 12 - Minor pullback/ consolidation expected

I closed DIA/ XLF calls for 75% and bought small batch of IWM puts for this week.  I dont see anything major happening and plan on going long again towards end of week.

Jun 19 - Set up of the year in financials

I am heavily long calls in $C, $BAC, $JPM for late Jun, July, Aug.  Mad conviction here.