Thursday, October 20, 2016

Oct 20 - YRD might be coiling for a big 10%+ move up

Volume and range really dying off here which is good

Oct 20 - Equities chop, added CMG for pre-earnings runup

Still in YRD which is consolidating nicely and the indexes continue to churn.  Possible we see a flush out in the next week or two but things look poised for a strong end of the year run.

Sold the other 1/2 GLD this morning and who knows I might miss the runup to 124 that I was targeting but I think I have more interesting plays that have better longer term value.

Also still long BIIB, WFC.

Added CMG as a pre-earnings play and if we get a good run up will pull some off before earning on Tuesday.

A really fantastic range to trade in
 VIX if it breaks this trendline could trigger strong buying in equities

YRD has thoroughly spooked me the last 2 days with the wild near 10% swings but looks like healthy consolidation.  I have high hopes for this one.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Oct 19 - Added more WFC

I subbed out 50% of my GLD calls for Nov WFC calls.  I am looking to add Dec calls tomorrow perhaps.  Depends on how things close.  Target is 48-49 by Dec.

Oct 19 - GLD finally moving, YRD bounces

Not a bad day and I finally cut loose CMCM and basically wrote off most of the option premium.  Only sitting on YRD which has made a very nice recovery.  I am thinking that China stocks might slow down until November once indexes might break out of this zone.

GLD I am targeting 123-124.

WFC doing well, BIIB soso.   My VXX puts doing great despite a modest up day in SPY.

I made a big gaffe and once again missed the move in oil.

The rounded bottom and miners leading which is bullish

Here again you can see miners leading

 still have a crazy target of 40 in YRD.  If that happens I will cash 400% on my Nov calls

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Oct 18 - Closed out some VXX puts, added to GLD longs

Not totally sold on today's bounce and we might get a reaction tomorrow.  My China longs are struggling here (even YRD which made a bad reversal today) and things need to get moving soon.
Added to GLD longs.  The other core positions of WFC, BIIB look solid and might switch out China for more blue chip longs like WFC/ BIIB