Friday, September 19, 2014

Sept 19 - Fri update

Some interesting reversal signals posted today.   DIA looks ripe for reversal.  Settled into SPY sept 30 203 puts at 2.38.  Exited SPY calls at 2.34 with cost basis of 1.52.  I have to admit I feel weary about shifting from aggressively long to moderately bearish (only short term that is) within a short period of time but I really don't like betting against this set up.  Let's see if this is nimbleness or just fickle decision making.

Long-term outlook:  Neutral
Intermediate-term outlook:  Bullish
Short-term outlook:  Neutral/ bearish 


Jed Bull said...

Good chartss thnx.

Greenlander said...

Thanks Jed, hope they are helpful

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