Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sept 18 - Thurs 200pm update

So far, today looks very promising for the bulls.  Not much volume, not volatile, and very range-bound.  We also have held the gap so far which is good and yesterday's volatility hasn't carried over.   The ideal scenario is a stable, calm move up.  Up then consolidation, up, consolidation, etc.

We are in a very tight consolidation zone setting up for a potential move up.

Long-term outlook:  Neutral
Intermediate-term outlook:  Bullish
Short-term outlook:  Bullish

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Feb 27 - $shak primed for a big move

Still holding $RIG Mar2 and Mar16 calls which are up 100-200%.  $shak settling nicely and I have plenty of time with Jun 45 calls