Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mar 25 - Bears get more aggressive/ $VIX wakes up/ Biotechs continue to fall

For a few indexes, the markets went down for a third day, including my short position of IBB which is now up over +5%.  I will lower my stop today depending on how things go to protect profit but I am leaning towards further downside as volume picked up today.

The GLD long is still moving up but I am a bit wary about the increasing thin volume and weak candles, even though we continue to move up.
Transports again showing significant weakness and maybe 1-2 days from where the indicators usually have signaled a bounce but too early to say now.
$VIX finally woke up and is currently printing a solid candle which should mean more downside in the markets depending on how we close.  It just issued buy signal and there is room for it to go up to the yellow zone.

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