Thursday, April 30, 2015

Apr 30 - False breakout confirming

Sitting short QQQ after re-entering around close yesterday.  Assuming no miraculous reversal today, it is difficult to say what kind of downside targets to look for since this has been a pretty ugly failure of a breakout.  We could easily fall to 106.5-107 today in QQQ and there is a lot of room to fall in SPY on a 10-15 min frame.

Update 1100am - unloaded QQQ shorts for now after seeing pos divergence setting up.  May re-short later but will wait and see.

 VIX also finally making a move up.  All the churning the last couple of weeks might resolve in a strong push higher.

QQQ so far following through on the stoch/ CCI sell signal from a few days ago.  This signal was strengthened by the upper BB overthrow.

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