Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11 - Listless open

So far a noncommittal open which doesn't favor either bears or bulls...yet.  Although I am currently short there is a chance that we finally break out of this consolidation zone and move up although more limited.

A good read that was in line with my feelings regarding the exaggerated VIX move from Rob Hanna.

1100am update:  A bit more weakness and the 30/ 60 min frames triggering more strongly sell signals.  Will remain to be seen if we close red though.

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July 21 - Still massively long banks, took short term longs in NVDA, BABA, HAL, OAS

Probably 2/3 of the options account is in banks.  Maybe 1/2 regionals and 1/2 XLF, C, BAC.  Expecting another run up in equities into Augus...