Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Aug 4 - short SPY QQQ

VIX daily printing buy signal on stochs.  AAPL is in trouble here.

QQQ consolidating and could fall another leg on 10 min chart
QQQ level of 110.5 is key.   If it breaks we could see a 2/3 retracement + of the move up.  There is nothing but air below.  Short target in yellow.


smoothy said...

Found you on Twitter. 6 posts so far. Not much for small talk are you? :-) Look forward to your blog posts. Have you setup on change detect so I get an email whenever you add or change something. very koo. www.changedetect.com

Keep up the good work!

smoothy said...

correction: I'm using www.changedetection.com

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