Friday, September 25, 2015

Sept 25 - Flat for the weekend

Got stopped out midday from SSO and now flat.  Small caps and techs leading the way down.  Still hoping to see some upside to set up a better short but will have to be patient and see what happens.  If we end up in the red again on less volume than yesterday, definitely going flat into the weekend.  A red close with lower volume generally means a positive edge but the potential big downside risk pushes things to a clear no position stance.

Was stopped out on the 10 min chart when the expansion move up failed
 30 min + 1 hr frame issuing sell signals


tellzhang said...

Nice trade! I think we will see more weakness ahead..

Greenlander said...

Yeh I am leaning towards downside but don't want to be shorting into a hole. You short?

tellzhang said...

not me, I am waiting the bounce.Timing is not right for the bears.

tellzhang said...

In face, I longed from 94 this morning. expect to hold few days.

Greenlander said...

Ah k good luck. I personally would like to see some divergences before going long. I think this week we will see a floor

Jan 20 - Equities caution signal, short SPY, NFLX

Call buying has come back and very good chance of a pullback here