Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sept 8 - Flipped long XIV

After seeing price consolidate around midday, it was becoming obvious that things were going to ramp up and looked like there were a lot of shorts still lurking to add fuel to the move.  I still think there is a retest of lows at some point but I also think that this recent consolidation could push us up over 200 in SPY.  Took on XIV at midday and only a small position.  Very possible we drift up towards FOMC and hit harder resistance then.

Very big spike again in up volume which was warning signal and helped me close my put spreads.

Up against resistance in QQQ

Broke up and out.  Whether it is a false breakout who knows.  Will want to see EOD weakness to re-enter shorts.

Very close to testing the previous resistance.  If we make it through this, smooth sailing and a bit of a vacuum up from the down gap few weeks ago.
 Volume was extremely unimpressive today.

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