Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Oct 13 - Short SPY

Seeing negative divergence on the 1 hr frame, buy signal on VIX daily and sell on SPY daily.  It might take a bit for price to confirm more clearly but VIX spiking has tilted things more bearish.  upon confirmation, will add to position as still possible we melt up.  Starting with 50% position.

TRAN issuing sell signal and weak price action today.

First down day in a week for SPY but things might rebound by close.

VIX looks like a buy here.

Negative divergence, to be seen whether it plays out.  But price is struggling somewhat.

SPY still in uptrend and will need decisive break below channel for shorts.


some0ne said...

You don't think we test 204 in near future?

Greenlander said...

Not sure but as of now I am short

Greenlander said...

I was thinking we were gonna hit 204-205 for sure but looks like maybe out of gas. Who knows maybe this is a fake out.

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