Sunday, October 25, 2015

Oct 25 - Long GLD, VXX, UUP

Sold GDX put spreads Thurs at breakeven as there was a lot of strength.  GLD looks like it could push up for another mini leg so that it is better overbought on the weekly for a short and have a long bias this week.  Went long GLD Friday

Stepped into a rare VXX long position at Fri close for probably only 1-2 days as VIX/ VXO are setting up for a bounce.

Looking to see equities cool off or at least settle this week but then further upside.

Might be better to wait for a sell signal on gold miners as one hasn't appeared yet.
 Sell signal on daily issued that may take time to confirm.  It has been pretty strong despite GLD's recent weakness.
 Very strong positive divergence in GLD on hourly and a strangely orderly descent. This could result in a big spike.
 30 min showing a descending tightly wound channel
 If GLD hits the cloud and upper stochs, this may be an attractive short again.
 SPY floating up high now and might benefit from consolidation
 USD showing a strong move and I continue to hold 50% of my UUP calls (sold half on Fri)
 Potential reversal time in VIX/ VXO

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