Friday, October 30, 2015

Oct 30 - Oil up, USD down, equities melt up

Still sitting on USO long and no other positions.  I do think we may see the equities market settle next week but not placing position yet.

USO making a good move out of consolidation

Looking for a 3-4 day move up in USO

UUP has a sell signal but will wait on this one before going short
 GLD continues to slide, well below where I exited my short position prior to FOMC.


Doug said...

No other positions!! What?? :) I'm messing with ya. Some of us early-retired folks have to live on dividend income and HAVE to have positions. I guess I could just draw down my principal.

I had 13 % of my funds in TLT which I sold most today. Now, I have 30% in closed-end muni bond funds, 14% in variable rate preferred funds, 28% cash, and 28% in defensive stocks (reits, utlities) and tax-advantaged equity funds.

The market looks very overbought. I wouldn't mind getting some more dividend growth stocks like HON, KMB, LMT, JNJ on a good sized pullback. And I'd like to have 6 to 8% in MLPs but don't know if the water is safe yet. MLPs have pulled back to 2009 bottom levels, so maybe it is safe? Thoughts on MLPs?

Take care, Doug

Greenlander said...


I'll be honest and haven't traded MLP's. I would reckon you know a lot more about them than me. We are definitely very overbought but even if we dip next week, I could see the market making a grind up towards the end of the year. January, if the rest of this year is bullish, could see a move down. But that's far off speculation for me.

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