Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dec 16 - Post FOMC blastoff

Everything is moving higher and looks like I could've been more aggressive on the SPY longs/ VXX puts and maybe a less aggressive on the GDX/ GLD longs.  Regardless, things are moving well and looking for a retest of highs in SPY.

 A bit surprised they made a multi year plot but in the end this is good to relieve the markets of uncertainty.  1%/ yr I am sure the markets can handle though I am curious how this affects govt debt.

My turd position GDX might finally be moving where it was set up to go but I won't get excited until I see some big candles.
 GLD may confirm its buy signal.
 $NYMO very promising.


jim said...

Thanks for the update and excellent recommendations!

Greenlander said...

Thanks Jim, glad to be of assistance

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