Thursday, January 7, 2016

Jan 7 - Still short

I am thinking 1-2 days from closing shorts.  A big flush out is probably coming Fri/ Mon.  Depending on indicator, it shows 1-3 days from a tradeable bottom.  When things get volatile, I bring out the whole set and take an average.  That said, things point toward Monday but I will probably at minimum pull off 1/2 tomorrow

Usually this is 1 day late, on the Aug decline, 2 days late

NYA maybe 1-2 days from stochs bottoming
 NYMO 2-3 days from bottom

NYUPDN volume maybe 1-2 days to get into yellow zone
 PMOBUYALL 2-3 days away
 SPX volume indicator maybe 1 day away.  On price a retest of lows could be 1 day also

Not enough positive divergence here.  Too early for longs
 1-2 days for stochs/ CCI to be more thoroughly oversold
 VIX needs 2 days probably to max CCI/ stochs

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