Friday, February 12, 2016

Feb 11- Fear spiked today

Junk bonds got crushed and Treasuries got bid on very aggressively today.  Both well below their lower BB which in theory should help equities for short term bounce.  That said, we are seeing some strange shit in the market which does not bode well long term.  Gold finally getting a bid isn't a good thing either.  Probably some are thinking the central bank experiment is coming to an end, or better yet, the market is realizing the limitations of monetary intervention.  Japan is a shining example.

Interesting to see that US Treasuries were bid on aggressively even during the last bounce.  Today we had a spike down well below the lower BB and if yields don't recover during a potential bounce, I will be treading lightly.  Fear needs to take a breather here.
 Junk bonds overshot below the lower BB which bodes for a bounce or maybe at some point later this year a waterfall event.

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