Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mar 10 - Short SPY

Got back in after seeing major volume after the move up this morning when SPY was even for the day.  So far somewhat of a mixed bag.

Edit: 2:30pm closed shorts SPY.  NYSE up down volume looks very suspicious

SPY price action - bearish
SPY volume - bearish
IWM price action - bearish
VIX price action - bearish
$TNX - bullish
$NYSE up down volume ratio - neutral/ bullish
HYG (junk bonds) - bearish (up for day but printing reversal candle)

If 30 min signal doesn't trigger a bounce, we have a trend change probably

First target is lower yellow bar at 62% fib

For some reason, Treasuries being sold today

VIX however is confirming

HYG issued sell signal on daily and now printing reversal candle

Strange the selling volume ratio is not weak for the $NYA

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