Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Mar 15 - Getting close to short entry in equities

Took a small long in anticipation of a pop tomorrow based on the low selling volume and 2 consecutive reversal candles in SPY.  These positions will be definitely closed by EOD tomorrow as a lot of the indicators are looking maxed out or close to it.

I also grudgingly decided to close the GLD/ GDX short bc of Fed risk tomorrow.  If things look right I may re-enter the short as the negative divergence hasn't been worked off yet.

Expecting a gap up tomorrow

If and when VIX hits the orange box, I will start equities shorts
 The 60 min got oversold and GDX bounced. Whether it gets beyond the trendline or just a backtest is to be seen.  FOMC will surely generate volatility here.
 Still a ways to go but we might get a spike back up.  If we get close to the top of the range, I will probably re-short GLD.

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