Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mar 29 - short GDX/ TVIX and waiting for equities short entry at 12 VIX

Entered 2 positions today TVIX short which could benefit from major VIX contango and GDX short which is pretty underwater and I am a little annoyed with myself for not waiting until EOD to enter.  Closed the SPY short within minutes after open today.

This is what I'm looking for what appears to be a very good risk to reward short entry in equities. Was 5 for 5 last summer in hitting the short term tops. I'll be prepared that it won't be the cathartic crash like everyone is expecting and maybe a bit of chop like last summer.  Until then, I could see the MM's jam this up into the end of quarter.
Looking for a close at the 12 level in VIX, ideally south of the lower bollinger.
Who knows maybe we go even lower into the 11's...

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