Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mar 3 - 204 SPY coming?

I don't if it is, but it isn't far away for sure.  We need to see what will happen at 200 first.
Going to review the background indicators and check what we see.

Orange bar presents a potential target for SPY.  Bear assets are decreasing.

CPC may be signalling a move down tomorrow/ Monday.  The indicator is more of a warning than actionable one.  How big a move is unknown.
 $NYMO maxing out is bullish.  The last time it did this the market continued up for a while (in yellow)
 $NYA up down volume ratio was solid.  doesn't usually work as a signal, just the underlying strength of the market
 !PMOBUYALL is maxed out but this can continue for a while in strongly trending conditions.  Even a sell signal might be a false trigger if it appears
 Put call ratio 10 day MA ideally would hit the yellow zone for an intermediate term equities short
 Treasury yields consolidating today
 VIX cracked its lower trendline although I don't get super excited by trendlines in VIX.

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