Sunday, March 20, 2016

March 20 - Short term equities weakness possible

Still sitting in VXX and looking for a small pullback tomorrow/ Tues.  There still could be more upside left in this up move so playing a very short term time frame.  Also looking a re-entry into GLD short in anticipation of minor settling.

In the potential sell zone for equities

HYG printed a mildly bearish reversal candle.  Not actionable in itself but worth watching.  Treasury yields dropped both Thrus/ Fri which is also of note

The 30 min looks very strong so just looking for some settling based on the 30 min RSI.  Post OPEX week should provide headwinds for equities
 Hourly issuing sell signal on CCI but the up move has been strong and recent CCI signals have failed or worked very short durations
 SPY cracked it descending RSI trendline.  Are long term trends changing?  I doubt it but will keep an open mind.
 1-2 day pullback should be around the corner.
 GLD looking like a decent short at the upper end of its recent choppy range.

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