Friday, April 15, 2016

Apr 14 - Short SPY...again

Shorting SPY today at 208.25
stop is 209 and target 206, if we get more great but this is mainly a 1:2 risk to reward play

Things that are more favorable than the previous short attempt
-very low volume SPY
-VIX hourly printing a buy signal
-SPY daily is scratching upper BB (so is DIA as well)
-$CPC ratio issued a sell signal for equities yesterday
-sell signal on 2 hr frame SPY (which is more reliable than the hourly)

NYSE issuing RSI sell signal which usually means consolidation/ mild pullback
 1 hr selling signal but has been somewhat unreliable
 2 hr sell signal on CCI which has worked well recently
 First time seeing negative divergence on daily

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