Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Jun 29 - Another big up day

I had some small long positions from midday yesterday that I sold today and have a small position of put spreads expiring tomorrow @.66 for the 207/208 SPY.  I have to admit I didn't think the rebound would be so strong given the technical damage.

July 1 has very strong positive seasonality so if we get a pullback tomorrow, odds are good that Friday will be an up day.  The volume in the afternoon will probably be terrible as people leave for vacation and the bots will probably run it up into the close.

After the long weekend, I might be entering shorts if SPY hits 209ish.

Up/down volume ratio was extreme.  Usually gets a pause the next day or two then back up.

V-shaped bottom.  Very easily could be more upside but at some point I favor a retest around the recent lows.

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