Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jun 8 - More of the same...bullish

Reloaded the long positions I let go yesterday on the open and back to where I was yesterday position wise.  Planning on holding long until OPEX.  I will probably at minimum sell my longs (maybe go partially short) to avoid the post OPEX week seasonality and reload longs after.

Otherwise, today has been more of the same.  Not much to say.  People who are short now can complain now about market being rigged, low volume, FED intervention, blah blah but the market is what it is.  Small players can't change the direction of the market, only follow it.


jim said...

What do you find the most effective trading vehicle?

The 1 or 2 hr charts?


Greenlander said...

sort of depends on your timeframe/ style but I have found the 2hr charts more reliable if I get a good divergence. That said, when the market starts trending hard, the short term time frames can completely stop working whether 1 or 2 hr frames on counter trend trades such as going short the past 1-2 wks.

I try to look at a pretty wide range of time frames 30min, 1 hr, 2 hr, daily and hopefully they all say the same thing.

jim said...

Thanks for the reply
Generally I have been trading via the daily signal
I appreciate your postings

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