Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sept 15 - Sold VXX puts

Caught a double on the VXX puts as they expire tomorrow.  Still see more downside in VXX but with expiry tomorrow, too much risk holding them and watching a 110% return evaporate.

TWLO continues to tease and it is running out of time.  It needs to make a move above its trendline within 1-2 days.

I sold when it stabbed the upper BB.  Quad witching might bring just a lot of chop tomorrow and little directionality.  Tomorrow however has extremely bullish seasonality.  Actually the best of the year so if we see a gap up I may chase it.

TWLO drifting down and looking for the upward pop
 Diminshing volume but only price pays

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Jan 20 - Equities caution signal, short SPY, NFLX

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