Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sept 21 - FOMC once again punts in scoring position, TWLO blasts off

Closed out VXX puts bought on the dip today but still holding WFC, LN, and big batch of TWLO calls.  In all had a huge day due to TWLO.  The volatility account is now up 20% and the discretionary equities account is down 8% but due to rise.  Also started a 15k experimental account that I will trade aggressively w options in an attempt to segregate risk levels btw accounts after suffering the big drawdown in the discretionary account which was due to overloaded positions in precious metals.

Expecting great things here and this has the potential for 75+.
 Should've sold and repositioned but still a bounce is possible here
 So far so good but wouldn't be surprised to see more churn and ugly movement which is why I pulled the VXX puts.  That said before end of year, I am confident we end up higher than where we are now.
 Not a great breakout, but still holding

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