Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Oct 5 - Reloaded WFC Nov calls, added GLD short and YRD/ CMCM longs

Jumped back into WFC Nov 47 calls and will only hold if the overall market holds up.  Also added GLD Nov 123 puts looking for 110-115 and YRD Nov 30 calls @2.0 and CMCM Nov 13 calls @ 1.2

If WFC finally gets some volume and speed this one could have a vicious bounce
 Very nice set up in YRD.

 Nice consolidation here for CMCM and a lot of upside

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May 15 - Closed out IWM puts for +120% and picked up DAL and HD Jun calls

I'm going to let the market do its thing this week and probably stay away from new positions until Friday unless something very good pop...