Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Nov 9 - Markets rip to the upside and it isn't over yet!

The Trump win turned out to be a quickly erased non event and buyers stepped in a big way today.  This move combined with bullish seasonality might result in a really crazy rally.  I am betting at minimum a mid sized one but think we go a lot higher.  People will start freaking out and start redeploying money into their accounts and push the market higher.

Discretionary account made a huge move today.  Now +10%.  In order of holdings,
TNA, BIIB, COP ITM Jan calls, IWM ITM Dec calls
I sold WFC today and maybe reload on wkness

Volatility account is +19%
VXX Jan and Mar deep ITM puts

Cecil Fielder account is -35% (for some reason, my OTM Jan puts decreased in value today)

I posted this chart a month ago.  It is playing out to a tee.  We are going to hit 225-230 in SPY within 2 months.

Didn't even test level 2.
 We got a bear trap in NYA and now it is ripping higher.

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Chip said...

great charts, also since TRUMPY got in the baltic dry index is CRASHING UP. Have a look here ==>

Normally that is a sign shifting will happen in sectors, and make for lots of money to be made. WOW!

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