Monday, December 12, 2016

Dec 12 - Added a bit to GLD longs, sold IWM, COP, XOP longs

I cashed in energy Jan ITM calls for 70% return on today's huge open.  I have crushed my pre-election longs and my only gaffe which unfortunately which was major was selling WFC around 51 when now it is in the high 50's.  That would've been 50k in profit.  I think that was the one time I should've paid more attention to the fundamental situation as repealing Frank Dodd was huge and not just an overreaction.

Still holding Jan/ Mar VXX puts which are now very deep in the money and a modest batch of CMG calls from Friday.  Otherwise I am pretty thin on longs and waiting for the next rotation.

Still not clear what will happen with GLD but I am favoring a bounce to high 110's this month or Jan.  Selling pressure seems to have slowly weakened.

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