Monday, January 23, 2017

Jan 23 - Re-added NTNX

Not much changes today and the indexes look to chop for a bit.   My guess is that Feb will be more chop with maybe a dip to scare some longs but who knows.

Swing positions in order of holdings:  BABA, BIDU, JWN, GLD short, NTNX, M, GRMN, VFC
Longer term positions: Mar VXX puts from Nov, CMG, REGN

China setups looks great.  BABA earnings tomorrow before the bell and if the market reaction is good, 108 is possible.
BIDU looks great as well 

My GLD short is a big loser right now and it needs to getting moving in the next 1-2 days or I will get stopped out
 If it clears this level it could easily go up another couple points to another potential resistance level.
 GRMN still consolidating
 JWN I really like in addition to M
 M poised for a bounce
 NTNX failed to breakout the last time around and moving up from the middle of the zone which is promising
 A very speculative read on the USD.  It might just tank also back into consolidation. I don't have a lot of conviction that it will bounce.

VFC set up is decent but not great.

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