Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Jan 25 - NTNX, XBI moving

I am happy that most of my positions are moving in the right direction.  Looking back I botched the China trade and should have held.  I sold VFC as it wasn't moving enough and sold 1/2 of JWN so I only have Apr DITM calls.

Sold too early but too late to chase

Maybe there will be another chance to jump in here

GLD finally moving in the right direction...down.  I am almost at breakeven here
 If NTNX does what it could and hit 40, I will have some monster 5 figure profits.

Settling nicely here but may dip back into the wedge

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July 21 - Still massively long banks, took short term longs in NVDA, BABA, HAL, OAS

Probably 2/3 of the options account is in banks.  Maybe 1/2 regionals and 1/2 XLF, C, BAC.  Expecting another run up in equities into Augus...