Saturday, February 18, 2017

Feb 18 - Long LVS, LN and short GDX

Once again got stopped out of a quick short attempt and probably will pass on shorting and just wait for consolidation/ pullback to go aggressively long into April.   The indexes are insanely strong.

The gaming ETF is consolidating and a solid and sustained move for the rest of the year is lining up
 Took on another short in precious metals.  This time against GDX via a load of ITM Jun puts.  I am looking for 18-20.  It looks like it is making a bull flag but under the hood on smaller time frames it has looked weak and even if it moves up, I think it will run out of gas soon

On the weekly close to the upper BB and being topped out on the stochs.
 LVS looks very interesting and I got Jun calls half in the money

 I don't know what else to say.  From a technical standpoint this is falling within the once every 5-10 years event.  Extremely overbought but the dips are so aggressively bought up I have given up on shorting and will stick to existing positions.  I am eyeing a longer term energy long but XOP/ XLE aren't quite there yet

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