Thursday, February 2, 2017

Feb 2 - Still long M, QCOM, BIDU

I dumped NTNX yesterday and really undecided on what this thing is going to do, which means it will blast off now.

Have a small position in QCOM which is doing nothing but bleeding.

My M position is making a nice move and I am debating re-adding JWN to the mix as it looks very good also.

Added more BIDU in the last couple days and it is set up beautifully - which makes me nervous.  BIDU is by far my largest position.

Volatility is lowering and resting on support.  China stocks in general seem to be holding up well recently which bodes well

JWN consolidating
 M making a bounce
 NTNX is flopping around a bit too much for me.  I have taken 3 stabs at this and doesn't break out.  Which is making me think this is looking more and more like a coin flip to upside or downside

Continue negative divergence but I am not looking at this as a short signal, more as strong caution
 May jump back in XBI and watching closely

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Jun 19 - Set up of the year in financials

I am heavily long calls in $C, $BAC, $JPM for late Jun, July, Aug.  Mad conviction here.