Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mar 14 - Added energy names

Starting w 2 long term entries in APA, XOM Jun/ July ITM calls and 2 short term entries via USO, XLE calls expiring this week.  I'm not totally convinced this is the bottom in oil/ energy so still have 1/2 more allocated to buy energy.

Sold YY after a really nice boost yesterday at 7+% and took the proceeds to buy today's energy names.

I love the setup here.  If it fails hard it will be obvious to get out.  Good risk to reward.

APA looks great here

BIDU a bit frustrating as a lot of China names have blasted off.  Interestingly BABA is struggling also.  I have Jun 180 calls from a week ago and theta burn is starting to take effect.

Not in this one yet but eyeing it
 TWLO I re-entered smaller yesterday
 Sold YY yesterday on the spike
 LVS still cooking.  BIDU/ LVS are my largest positions by far then collectively energy

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