Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mar 22 - SNAP

Apologies for the lack of posting, have been very busy lately and will try and keep up.  I entered an array of Apr/ May/ July SNAP calls on Thurs/ Fri/ Mon.  There is potential for a 10 bagger here.

All other positions are the same except I let go of SOHU and added BIDU today.

Current holdings in order of size, SNAP, LVS, BIDU, ACIA, TWLO, APA, XOM, FCX.  Still looking to add more energy names soon.  I also want to sell down the IPO names, it is adding major risk to the portfolio.

SNAP sentiment super bearish.  the MM's might jam this one up in the next month.
ACIA finally moving.  Looking for exit tomorrow.  Calls up 200% now.  TWLO while still a decent setup is dragging.

 added to BIDU today and this is the line in the sand.
 LVS pullback looks healthy so far.  I like the fact this up move has been steady and not explosive which would be more sustainable.

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