Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mar 29 - Energy + SNAP

Lots of good names out there ready to make huge moves.  I unfortunately missed adding to my current energy holdings and will want to add mid summer ATM calls.

some ideas....

target -mid strike price return
APA July ATM calls 62 52.5 3.65 2.60
MRO July ATM calls 20 16 1.27 3.15
COG July ATM calls 28 25 1.9 1.58
HES Jun ATM calls 60 50 2.7 3.70
DVN July ATM calls 50 41 3.1 2.90

SNAP put a scare and I got stopped out of 1/2 of my position on the open but I re-added some after it stabilized.  My stop was too tight but it happens.  Looking to add more tomorrow.

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