Monday, March 6, 2017

Mar 6 - Added FCX, SOHU, YY and YRD

Now in the Cecil Fielder (high leverage, short term account) I picked up big position of YY and some FCX, SOHU, and YRD calls expiring in Mar/ April.  Still have a big position of May/ Jun LVS calls and another big position of BIDU Jun calls and some TWLO Apr calls.

Lots of select China names look ready to break out big in the next 1-3 mo.

Still eyeing entry into GLD/ GDX short and XLE/ XBI longs.

BIDU consolidating nicely

FCX looks prime for a bounce
 LVS although we got a dip seems to be moving back up
 SOHU is the most speculative position I have other than TWLO as it could easily fail but the upside is great
 TWLO continuing to churn and I entered this one too early.  Friday was the day.
 YRD might break out

After BIDU, YY is my biggest China position.Looking for at minimum 50 as a target

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