Thursday, March 9, 2017

Mar 9 - Setting up for a bullish move in the indexes

Not much change in the past few days except I got stopped out of a FCX long and added QQQ 132 Mar 17 calls and AMZN Mar 17 calls yesterday.

In order of size, have BIDU, LVS, YY, QQQ, TWLO, YRD, SOHU, AMZN.  I dropped the retail thesis for now in JWN as I think there might be better candidates.

CPC pointing towards bullish day tomorrow

FCX had a great setup but failed.  Might not be a bad time to enter now but watching for now.

Dropped below the support zone I was eyeing so stepped aside.

QQQ's looks coiled for a breakout to 133
 YRD had a tough day and coughed the big gains I had from last week's entry.  I am still holding and looking for 40
 TWLO is my least favorite holding. It looks like it is basing but is very unpredictable
 SOHU still waiting on breakout
 LVS still consolidating.

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