Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Apr 25 - Massively long energy, short GLD

Have been building a big position in the Cecil Fielder account in Jun calls in energy.  XOP, MRO, CHK, APA.  About 40% of the account is in slightly ITM calls.

Also have GLD Sept 117 puts at about 20% and the rest spread out between URA Jun calls (which are prob toast), XLF/ XBI calls which are doing well.

Sort of a head and shoulders type pattern here but what I am looking at is the support level which is holding despite oil moving down.  If oil start going up, energy sector should blast to the upside

Major weakness last week in miners and expecting GLD to follow.  Decided for a long term time frame w Sept 117 puts
 URA setup still alive although my calls are down 75%.  Should've bought common instead

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