Thursday, June 1, 2017

Jun 1 - Strong bounce to start the month

The indexes are flying today which is not atypical of a first day of the month.  The  market is still holding up and seeing some new ATH's in the indexes and blue chip names.  Breadth recently has been quite poor though so I am eyeing a short in the week after OPEX.

Sold SKX calls for 80%, added to BIIB Jun calls and have expectations of 2-3x

Was targeting 27-28 but seems to but struggling here

SPY continues to blast up and the upper yellow box scenario isn't materializing as I thought it would.

Eyeing long in AAPL soon
 Added to BIIB Jun calls.  Great setup

Another SNAP setup.  Eyeing next week's 22 calls and looking for SNAP to hit 21 to buy them

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