Saturday, June 24, 2017

Jun 24 - Commodities might be forming a bottom, tech looks to recover its mini crash

Took some AAPL Jul 7 128 calls to see if it can play 'catch up' with the other FAANG's.
XME/ FCX looking great and looking to add tomorrow/ Tues.

AAPL is lagging here and either it is stuck in the mud or bound to blast up.
It hasn't been able to break resistance yet and is below 38% retracement levels.

QQQ at 62% retracement off the low and broke through resistance.
FB is almost 100% retraced.
AMZN at 75%.
NFLX at 50%.
GOOG at 62%.

So I am looking for at minimum a 62% retracement for AAPL which brings it to about 150.5

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