Saturday, June 2, 2018

Jun 2 - Waiting for pullback in financials $BAC, $C, $JPM

I raised a lot of cash and sold off a bunch of stuff Friday including $goog calls +200-300% and $C, $BAC, $JPM calls bought on Thurs which were sold for about +75%.

I still have some $HD Jun28 calls and still sitting on $MARK and $UCTT July calls.

Looking for weakness to buy short dated financials expiring in Jun8 or Jun 15.  Also looking at $BA and more $HD.

$UCTT looks good and ready to break out soon.  My calls have plenty of time

$MARK taking a while to cook but also have until July for this to move
 $MARK 2 hr chart is a thing of beauty.

Looking forward weakness in financials to buy weakness via short dated calls
 $JPM, $C, $BAC

Would wait for $NYA and other indexes to show positive divergence before getting aggressively long
 $BA a nice setup if it pulls back a little

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